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Do you know if you have or ever had an underground ground storage tank on your property?


They are easy to ignore due to “out of sight out of mind.”  Tanks with a capacity of 1,100 gallons or less are exempt from federal regulation and each individual state has their own mandates.  However, there are new regulations in place and you can never be too careful.  If leaks or spills occur that go unnoticed or unreported, cleanup of your property can come with a hefty price tag.

So regardless of the size of your tank, or whether it is regulated or not, make sure to have your property examined.  Our team of experts are licensed in all areas of storage tank replacement, removal, and remediation.  Clean up cost vary on a case-by-case basis but include excavation, soil analysis, groundwater analysis, soil transportation and disposal, groundwater cleanup and special management options that must be followed.

We specialize in closure and decommissioning UST’s which includes locating and uncovering the tank and pipelines, removing flammable vapors and products, cleaning and disposal of tank.  Or abandoning the tank in place by filling with an inert material.

Be aware of the condition of any underground fuel tanks buried on your property, even those that have been abandoned in the past. A leaking underground tank is not only a personal health risk, but also a potential financial liability, should you have to pay for the cleanup resulting from contamination discovered regarding the tank.  Please call us should you have any questions or concerns regarding these issues on your property.